Angela Bismarchi, brazilian model, reconstructs hymen for her husband, again

Angela Bismarchi, a famous brazilian model, is anxious with the preparations for her marriage with plastic surgeon Wagner Moraes on Dec. 29. She is not forgetting any detail and personally taking care of the whole ceremony. Until the restoration of her hymen for her wedding night, she cared for.
“The surgery was a breeze. It lasted only 30 minutes and went all smooth. It took me only a local anesthetic shot and i took a sedative. I’m caring with great affection. I use a special soap, it is important not to let the area infect. But i wouldn’t do it for just anyone. I did it for Wagner, a guy who i’m in love for 8 years now.”
Bismarchi also said that recovery from surgery is quiet but has a small detail: she will have to stay a month without sex.

Angela Bismarchi has reconstructed her hymen a few times before with her former husband, also a surgeon, that was murdered a few years ago.

Angela Bismarchi

Angela Bismarchi




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